Independent South African House

imagesMany Know Chicago to be the architect for the house that Jack built, but many have no idea that this music was fueling the rage and resistance against apartheid

Did you know that this electronic music created in mama’s africas basement would become a part of the cultural fabric of one of the most historically complex places on earth?

Did you know that House Music is a part of the Mandelas’ (both Winnie and Nelson’s) cultural vocabulary?

Many a househead in the U.S. would like to believe we “discovered” House Music in South Africa, when the truth is house has had a home in South Africa long before we tuned in. Sort of like the pre-existing civilizations that existed and has proven to have stemed and suggested before the musical discovery of Columbus.

We can use this moment in musical history to admit that not enough of us in the world received a reliable education about the contemporary music and cultural developments of African soul. And at the risk of sounding like an Intro to an Afro-centric Studies course, we’ve learned a great deal about African music through the lens of stunted major record label supremacists who sought the resources of Africa (both human and natural), to help institutionalize their superiority. But today, our jobs at Raw Soul Radio live Insist you know better.

We had no idea that the migration of this electronic cultural product called SA House was travelling beyond our housing projects, ghettos and boroughs and settling in the South African township. How could we know?

There was not a single network I can think of that broadcasted music, videos or favorable images of modern Africa. the future house sound of south africa in the form of artists from all key areas are below….lets begin.

House Music was a part of the soundtrack of social change and was the underground answer to the chains of restriction imposed by the Dutch/British minority who occupied South Africa through the system of apartheid.Now this is the nation and generation with the voice and sound of an emerging house phenomenon