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The Independent music movement is here, in the form of the new internet radio program called “Sound City” with your host D.Black! We will be playing the best of independent Soul, Jazz, R&B and Blues from around the world. If there’s one thing that rings true, it’s that “Good Music Never Goes Out of Style”!

Born in Washington, D.C. in the USA, my love of music was curated at an early age listening to music ranging from Earth, Wind and Fire to Queen. Self-taught on the drums and keyboard by age 19, I played and produced music in a few groups around the Washington, DC area. One of my best moments was playing drums on a Rhythm & Blues Christmas album in the late ‘80’s featuring some of the best singing groups from the 60’s, most notably, the Orioles and the Clovers.

My first radio show was the Love Sessions, starting in 2003. The show was mainly slow and smooth R&B and Jazz and it ran successfully for 8 years on different stations, most notably on the now defunct, which was based out of London, UK. With a loyal audience from around the world, were able to introduce numerous new artists to the airwaves that normally would not have the venue.

With the premiere of Sound City since January, 2016, we continue to create a venue for the talented independent artists from around the world and form a movement across the globe to change the musical landscape.

It’s time for the independent artist to have a place where it can call home and that time is now….Welcome to Sound City!


  • Thursday - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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    One thought on “Sound City -featuring D Black

    1. A fantastic show. Some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time. Kudos to D.Black!

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