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My background to music has been diverse,raised in a household with 2 older brothers exposing me to Reggae,ska,roots,jazz funk and soul,I have grown knowing a lot about music and what I like.
My radio career started in 2005 where I conducted a one time show as a listener with another listener on a radio station called ‘Juiceuk’ which only opened up the desire for presenting Independent Soul music.

Being a huge fan and a buyer of different kinds of music of music only led me to keep searching for music that tantalised my taste, upon that I began to build myself a library of music which I loved and wanted to hear on radio.

it all started as a radio presenter in 2007 when i started on air at ‘UKRootsfm’ with a connoisseur/Advocate in Neo soul music, we played Good grooves, 70s & 80s classics and rare grooves which was a favourite of mine.

He taught me all I needed to know about presenting and engaging with the audience. (Respect to him Alway’s for taking me under his wing) It was also where I had my first ever live interview with the artist ‘Don-e’ from south London UK. That was a awesome experience which I will never forget and little did I know would lead to more live interview’s with many other music artists.

This is when that little seed grew and took flight . in 2009/2010 on my own presenting on yet another radio station called ‘Hot 96’ once again sharing Neo Soul and Good Groove Soul music to the masses which lasted for around 3 years.

All of these station’s were based in a studio which meant carrying heavy bags of cds which was a lot at time’s, but exciting too. while residing on this station I had the pleasure of interviewing an artist whom I was fortunate to come across while searching for music,b y the name of ‘Homemadesoul’,a Independent artist who was not that well known back then. i was also very fortunate and honoured to also meet the lovely husband and wife duo ‘Kindred the family soul’ at london’s jazz cafe and interview them live at the after party which I can only say was a Beautiful and humbling experience. They both are so down to earth and character’s that will have you laughing till your stomach hurt’s.

Thing’s have evolved so much since then and you now have djs/presenter’s streaming on their PC and laptops in the comfort of their own surrounding’s which I think is amazing. My love has always been for music,presenting came as a bonus as it meant I could share my love and experience to the listener, I knew this is where I belonged and needed to be.

2013 ‘Soul Inspired’ was born with Spiritual and Uplifting sounds of Independent gospel still in the same vain of Neo Soul including contemporary Jazz and Gospel music which I Love so much , by this time i was now broadcasting live on a internet radio station called ‘Soul Radio’ where I resumed my rightful place with a new direction.
on this station I interviewed artists such as ‘Nia Simmons'(The Songbird) and the lovely ‘Gwendolyn Collins and ‘Kenya Soul singer’ who were performing in London’s ‘hideaway’in south London on the ‘Moments4love tour’ a huge success I must say. Sadly my time on ‘soul radio came to an end in 2017 but not radio.

2017 saw me encounter new beginnings on ,where I am still residing on and have already interviewed artist such as ‘Solomon’s Garden’ who are a young band from Kent united kingdom who have an awesome natural sound.and speaking of awesome sounds I had the pleasure of interviewing west London born (just like myself) ‘Robb Scott’. that was a laugh and a half, a artist who’ sounds from the era of 80s soul music.Another artist who was new to me was a lovely artist by the name of ‘Tanya Holt’ from the usa. All these artists you can find easily on the web,so please check out their music.

Still residing on floradio I now have encountered another journey in my musical radio career by becoming a part of another radio internet station named ‘Raw Soul radio live’.
a station focussed on and searching for new artist that people have not yet discovered to give them a platform and to support them as well as the opportunity for listerners to purchase their art.
I believe this is paramount for us all as Dj/presenters to do daily. We are the vessel for the Artist and to the listener in which in turn generates sales and recognition for the artist which I for one take very seriously.

I thank each and every stepping stone for the experience, without it I wouldn’t be who or where I am today.

Music is an expression of ones self and how they are seen by others,we can either abuse it or use it to bring a message to those that want and require it in their life. Soul music generates many other genres of music and should be taken seriously when the lyrical content is connected with the music. I always say that a good song displays one`s life experience`s and how they were overcome. The lord has been my strength and Healer in many life situations.

I am here today to Inspire you through many testimonies through song so come on a journey with me as I encounter many different genres of music and styles which all have that Soulful vibe.

Thankful and Grateful Always…



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