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Every Friday Evening from 7-9 PM GMT right here on Raw Soul Radio Live all our presenters on rotation will present to you their own private collection of the classic original Independent Soul from the 70’S Comprising of deleted and obsolete heavy funk and Rare Groove.

the history of Neo Independent soul stems from the influence of our musical forefathers often inspiring many world wide producers to search and hunt for these beats for ideas and inspiration. we call them CRATE DIGGERS

check some inspiring videos below to remind you of this addictive legendary pastime.

Rare groove is soul or jazz music that is very hard to source or relatively obscure. Rare groove is primarily associated with funk, and jazz, but is also connected to subgenres including jazz fusion, Latin jazz, soul, R&B, northern soul, and disco.

Tracks similar to “rare grooves” had begun to see a following in the 1970s northern soul movement, which curated a collection of rare and obscure soul records for play in dance clubs. The rare groove scene began when DJs presented an eclectic mix of music that placed a particular emphasis on politically articulate dance-funk recordings connected to the Black Power movement.[7] Pirate radio stations and DJs participated in a “recovery, repackaging and retrieval” of obscure music that reflected, related to or translated inequalities of race and gender and the struggles of the civil rights movement. Music that had failed to gain acceptance in a previous time was given a “new lease of life” by DJs on pirate radio stations. Rare groove also provided a musical space where the “symbolic capital” of the music became very important.

The scene has many record collectors and DJs who pay large sums of money for rare songs from the 1960s/1970s/1980s/1990s that are original copies.

Sampling is one of the biggest aspects of hip hop and rap, and these types of records provide breaks for artists to use in their songs. Examples of rare groove samples, such as Eazy-E’s “Eazy Duz It” (which samples The Detroit Emeralds, Bootsy Collins, Funkadelic, Isley Brothers, Sly & the Family Stone, The Temptations and even Richard Pryor), can be found in modern hip hop (notably G-funk’s heavy sampling of Funkadelic) and drum and bass (notably the Amen break). After the collapse of funk-influenced disco, many musicians who had made a name for themselves under disco’s mainstream success had the spotlight taken away from them. Many of these artists have had their songs remixed and remastered by house music artists. Much of the obscure music “rediscovered” as samples in newer house or hip-hop tracks is labeled “rare groove” retroactively.

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