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The year was 1994 and it was a typical night out with the lads. The party was in Willesden (well it actually wasn’t a party but a blues dance) in one of the big houses down there. Martin, Alex, Murphy and Myself had just finish raving at two previous parties before we got there #STAMINA.
The time must have been about 5.30ish sunday morning. All suited and booted with my high top freshly trimmed we walked to the front door where a Hard face looking dread was standing collecting the entrance fee #DRAWFORYOURFIVERMATE
After a brief exchange of nods between the dread and Martin, he let us walk in #SWEET.
Once inside it took about 20 minutes to get into the main room #MADNESS!!
It was absolutely RAM with people, standing room only. The passageway was so dark you needed your lighter to see who was in front of you.
The soul music was blasting on a loud and bassy sound system and the sea of people around you was rocking slowly to the beautiful tunes that the
DJ was playing whilst the MC complemented the DJ with jokes and riding riddim. The atmosphere was nice and there was loads of women in the place #BLISS. #HOWDANCESHOULDBE
The crowd was a bit older than me and with my Hightop and young face I stood out like a sore thumb #STYLISH.
It had all the elements I loved from the reggae sound days but with a twist!!
Instead of reggae it was this sweat sound of this genre they called Soul Music being played. Slowjams to Raregroove etc with the MC that was ‘ridding’ the first 16 bars of the tune before the first verse came in and he did in a reggae/english street style #HEAVEN…I was home…….

The year is 2009 and I’ve been using my Virtual DJ for a while now playing at various parties and clubs. I was now making mix CD’s covering all genres of music -THE LENG SLOWJAMS VOLS being the most popular with the public #SOUNDCLOUD #MIXCLOUD.
One day I get a call from a young man asking me to join his new radio/internet station MELODYONE #LONG.
I declined saying that the radio thing isn’t really me and just want to come home from work and not worry about coming out again #BORINGOLEFART.
He then told me something that was to change my whole life as it stood then…….He said you wouldn’t need to come out of your home you can broadcast straight from home #WHAT??. I had never heard of broadcasting from home before so my ears picked up!! He had my undivided attention!!
So after he gave me the easy sell I said ok i’ll give it ago …THE SOUL EXP was born…
2012 I joined Sounds Of Urban London media (souluk radio) where THE SOUL EXP played the best in Old and New Independent Bassline Soul grooves, Remixed, Refixed and Renditioned. Soul grooves where you might have a popular tune, break or riddim but might have a different artist singing a completely different tune over it #LOVEALLTHAT. 

Whilst hosting the show I came up with a concept which people got straight away…’KMT!!!'(Kiss My Teeth)
Whats that got to do with music I hear you asking? Well nothing until now!!!.
Everybody knows that kissing your teeth (or tutting as the british would say) is a sign of disapproval but I realised that I was kissing my teeth every time I heard a tune that really touched me. “CHOOOOOOPPPSS!!! WHAT A WICKED TUNE!!!”  Thus bringing forth ‘KMT MUSIC’ #LIGHTBULBMOMENT
So I asked the listeners to Kiss their Teeth if they heard a tune or track that they liked or if they wanted a tune ‘rewounded’ (if there is such a word) So now the listeners simply txt or call KMT and I know that i’m doing something right KMT KMTKMT!!!!

I now host The Soul Exp check it out every monday evening 7pm – 9pm right here on this site.


  • Thursday - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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    1. Been following you on soundcloud for a while and decided to take in your show in real time, typically I worked late and missed it. I’m back next week.

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