Dj Dubs – The ‘Soul on Soul’ Show (Fortnightly Show)

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Being a lover of music, i started out as a reggae Mc on the legendary sound system Saxon studio in 1989 playing across the country and have toured America and parts of Europe with them.

I then moved on to the street Sound circuit in 2001 in which i joined ‘After Dark UK’ as an Mc ,i was then allowed to play different genres of music in clubs, house and blues dances and now play music independently since 2014 until the present day in which i have a passion for and have mastered both as an MC and a DJ with confidence.

I’ve been a collector of music for years and have not stopped being consistent with the music of now catch my show every other Wednesday on London’s Independent Soul music Machine Raw Soul Radio live for ‘Soul on Soul’




  • Wednesday - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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