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My name is presenter DJ Bully B – Essence of Soul.

I have been collecting Independent Soul from the early 1980s.  I felt within myself that independent music was not being recognised by mainstream companies.  I then decided to make it my duty to push independent music 100%!!

Essence of Soul is a show designed for you, the independent artist who feels they have a lot to offer the musical industry and not getting the full appreciation you deserve.
The genre of music is Gospel, Soul, R&B, Jazz and anything Soulful.Interviews, musical news and reviews and much more.Feel free to email promos and any demos/forthcoming tracks.

The Essence of soul is we well known all over the world for pushing quality independent music 100%!!So far i’ve have had the privileged of interviewing various independent artists
Nikkole , Teri Tobin,Toni Red, J Redd, Cory Robinson, Bashiyra, Falisia Janaye , Alvin Frazier, TL Shider & Robyn Bateman, Rockwell Hallman, with so much more to mention.

Testimony’s “London’s Essence of Soul brings real music to a real crowd of music lovers across the world.”
-Debra Church

Jarrard Anthony
Word…”Essence of soul is about more than just how soul music sounds. Its about how it feels” -JA

DJ Bully B of the Essence Of Soul MixShow is someone that I have had the pleasure of building a wonderful relationship with since 2010. I’m always grateful that he takes the time to play the songs that I submit to him from my clients that I work with. He always says if the songs are QUALITY he will play them. He has been a man of his word and that is something that is rare to find in the music industry today. He is all about supporting independent music from all over the world. I look forward to having a relationship with him for many years to come through my company Double N Management & Marketing Group.

Durell Peart
Orlando, FL (USA
“The seat of knowledge is in the head, of wisdom, in the heart.”
~William Hazlet
Best Regards,
Durell Peart

I love listening to Essence Of Soul, hosted by DJ Bully B.  There’s not many radio stations that support ‘independent’ artists trying to put out ‘real’ music and DJ Bully B created an avenue for artists like myself to be heard.  I’m honored all the time to be apart of a quality radio station such as “Essence Of Soul” with my music being played alongside such talented artists I may not have ever heard of, had it not been for this radio station.  If you’re looking for “quality music” Essence Of Soul” is the music station to be tuned into; – Niya Brown

I’d like to personally acknowledge DJ Bully B for all his support in showcasing my music across an international radio platform. He’s a great advocator of Independent Soul and RnB music. With his support I gained my first No#1 single ‘The You In Me’.
To view this song please open this link:-

Keep up the great works DJ Bully B, today, tomorrow and always for what you do is invaluable and I offer my appreciation. Thank you! x

BASHIYRA ‘The Voice’
Award Winning Singer and Songwriter



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