Claudette Thornton -‘The Lurve Exp’

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Claudette commonly referred to as Claudz or indeed Miss Ouch.
I’m just an ordinary individual  who has an inquisitive and exquisite love of music. I have a particular interest in music with deep & meaningful lyrix mixed with a good baseline .

I’m a private individual , who loves those close to me intensely  however my arms are open to the masses on a friendly basis in particular to those who share the same interests as me ( in this case music.) I’ve called my shows ‘The Lurv Experience’ , why ? Well, I simply love to give and receive genuine love and I believe there is a song for every emotion .

I will play an array of both past & current quality rare grooves, baseline soul , slow jams , lovers & gospel tracks that will make you tingle, but also seduce and excite you. Highly commercial tunes will rarely feature. Please do join me every Tues eve 7 to 9 pm & log in via FB and the chat room.


  • Tuesday - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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