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Hailing from Ladbroke Grove in West London, Brother PJ has been collecting music since the 80’s and started a Soundsystem  called First Choice formed in 84/85 after being influenced by the pioneering radio DJs and sound systems of that time such as Mastermind Roadshow, Rapattack Soul Sound, Freshbeat, Saxon Studio, Grandmaster Flash, Derek Boland and Steve Devonne to name but a few. 


He first got involved with radio in 1988 although this was for a short period. His Soundsystem disbanded in the mid 90’s and while stepping out of the Soundsystem scene, he still maintained good relations with the fellow DJs, music collectors and record dealers he met over the years. 

Brother PJ got more seriously involved with radio in 2003, getting his first taste of Internet radio and  podcasting with a station called Global Grooving presenting a show called The Journey. 
The station ceased broadcasting around 2006 and shortly after,  he got a call to present a show on a newly formed West London station called Hot96 where he along with a few other DJs were one of the station’s founding DJs and presented a weekly show called The Upklose and Personal Show. 


Within this time,  he contributed his spare time to a local radio station which is a part of a community project that  encourages the local young people to get involved in radio presenting. 


In 2011 PJ, decided to take a step back from doing his show on hot96 to focus on various projects, but still did guest spots on various radio stations as well as podcasting his own shows and also producing shows for DJs on various stations. 


Although he has not been on air doing regular weekly shows since then, Brother PJ has continued to collect music and is always searching for new, progressive sounds from independent artists who would deserves to be heard, while still grabbing a bargain or two of the classic stuff and DJs on occasion as part of a collective called Spirit Level. 


The Upklose and Personal Show’s aim is to  bring to you music from the past, present and future letting the people know where this is all coming from, where it’s at and where we want it be. He sees Raw Soul Radio as the perfect platform to do just that. 


You can expect to hear Jazz-Funk, Soul, Boogie, Broken Beat, authentic Hip Hop, Future Classics and more plus guests passing through and special features. The show’s past guests have included some of the said DJs that has influenced Brother PJ. 


Brother PJ says, “Being part of a progressive radio station such as Raw Soul Radio is a beautiful thing and offers me the opportunity to share with the listeners, some good quality music once again. I see myself as an honest person and try to have this honesty manifest itself within the  shows I’ve presented in the past.”




  • Wednesday - 9:00 pm - 12:00 am


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    1. wicked show brother pj loving the funky tunes ..keep up the good vibes bless

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