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Definition: Neo Soul: A musical genre which began in the late 1990s that fuses contemporary RnB and Jazz Funk with 1970s-style soul with elements of modern Hip-Hop.

Neo Soul falls under the broad category of Urban Music and is known for its more organic ‘old school’ approach to RnB .Due to a growing underground music scene made up of a new generation of musicians and fans who are thirsting for a rawer RnB sound that was most popular when they were only infants, to die hard fans of 90s music, Artists old and new are now successfully releasing Neo Soul-esque material, nearly a decade after the genre was considered to have reached its peak.

Presently this underground movement is more soulful through the splinters and off shoots of the original ‘source’ such as Broken beat,independent funk ,Nu Groove and heavy bassline laced independent smooth soul.

Check out the non quenching stream for an example of this musical revolution.


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