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My introduction to music, like many, was gospel. My mother used to rehearse gospel songs with a few choir members in our home. Years later, while listening to my oldest sister sing and her friend playing the bass, I discovered a different kind of music. It was new and diverse, and it drew me in. I learned this music was called JAZZ. In my early 20s, I hung out with various funk and soul groups. Artists like Grover Washington Jr. and Bob James, at that time, were categorized as soul. But in the ’80s they were classified as smooth jazz. While I was living overseas smooth jazz became my preference. It allowed me the opportunity to become the DJ at the clubs on military installations. Upon returning to the states, I worked as a computer technician for a major corporation. After 26 years of honing my computer skills, I decided to combine those skills with my passion for smooth jazz. Since jazz radio stations around the country were changing, I saw the need to share my passion for smooth jazz. I decided that the best way to do this was to establish an online presence. The Point Smooth Jazz Internet Radio became the catalyst.