Dr Davina’s Dot’s Motivation and Music

Dr Davina’s Dot’s Motivation and Music

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Dr. Davina Smith is the founder of “Dr. Davina’s Dots” an inspirational podcast and global radio show.

Davina is a God-loving woman, devoted wife, caring mother, and well-respected United States Army Veteran. Davina is a catalyst for change and uses the power of rich and relatable spoken lyrics and uplifting music to impart successful life principles that empower listeners to elevate the mundane and experience the greatness from within that we all inherently possess … by connecting the dots in life

4 thoughts on “Dr Davina’s Dot’s Motivation and Music

  1. Phenomenal motivational speaker! Have been following her career for some time now and must say each episode brings a new perspective on how to better my everyday self improvement routine and person-2-person engagement. Will keep listening!

  2. Excited for the Dots! They’re a bright pick me up in this day and age!

  3. There is nothing better to cheer you up, than these dots !

  4. I long to listen to Dr Davina live.

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