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We have combined with The Uk’s Power House independent PR company C Black Music PR and our very own new Brand of PR from Raw Soul Radio Live. we create Exclusive Artist websites and Mobile apps, and advertising and C Black Music PR with the groundbreaking and artist promotion services. this partnership will truly give an all rounded promotion campaign for all artists needing a new level of exposure

Raw Mobile Apps is the ultimate advantage for artists and bands. With an artist app you can reach more people and improve your contact with fans.

They are able to listen to your music, see upcoming shows, check out photos and videos and view up to the minute news essentially 24/7.Give your fans exclusive access to unreleased music, photos and videos.
As an artist it is essential to maintain a constant connection with fans allowing them to post messages or even photos from your last show. When you Share Your Music. Your songs are always within reach. Fans can Preview your latest single or an entire album. With your Mobile app, your fans can access your music anytime, anywhere.

With the revolution of the music market, so many things have changed: independent artists have saturated the market, and Itunes has become a music jungle. Since then the question has been: “how can one hope to have an independently released album or single, stand out from the masses?” 

In the past you had to have a substantial budget set aside to pay a PR company to mail out CDs and chase up journalists. Today (for a select few) it’s pretty much the same as before but on the other side we see a multitude of multitasking musicians turned promoters, booking agents, publicists and bloggers. All this in a desperate attempt to get their music heard – with most of their communication landing in spam folders. Not very good is it?

Finally there is something in between. A service that makes positive results happen without breaking the bank. We Promise to connect the dots between the independent artist/label and the media people who really matter with smart publicity and genre specific targeting. Those journalists whose words reach thousands, or millions of people every week; those DJs whose radio and club support can put your name on everybody’s mouth.

Answers to your questions


Q1 /Do you accept every one?

No!  We make sure to keep our quality standard high, rather than being greedy. We ask our clients to submit their work and wait 24/48 hours for approval. If the quality gets the thumbs up, then it goes on.

We follow a strict code of quality control if a track does not fit the standard required we will not send the track on .. We review each submission before asking a customer to pay for our services.

Q2:As an artist what do I get from the promotion?

A :You get your music exposed to DJs, journalists, radio stations, label A&R’s, club owners and promoters, and in general industry workers who are interested in knowing who’s the next independent talent in the industry

We send your track only to the style of djs who are looking for these tracks to incorporate into their shows …as we do not send any other genre of music but independent soul funk,and nu jazz ,nusoul..we will not send tracks that do not suit the dj style

Q3:Who will we promote to?

A:We will promote to our extensive growing contacts in the industry, Don’t forget you can also promote to your own contacts on top of ours, if you already have a network in place.

Q4:What is the standard time for a campaign?

Our campaigns last 3 months or less. You will receive real time feedback, Being a digital campaign the response is immediate and you are looking to have all your feedback within 2-3 weeks of sending the promo emails.

Q5:Prices per campaign:

A:depending on the campaign time frame but for further exposure we recommend a min 3 months, and the prices are intended per release.

Q6:How can we assure the delivery of a campaign?

A:We use a very reliable distribution system which provides us a report of the emails that have been sent out. and concentrated mailshot campaigns.
We also monitor any bounces and update our email database daily so the distribution is pretty accurate.
Those who choose not to give feedback simply show not to be interested in the product.
This is also very obvious by the fact that only those who leave feedback receive the free music – so that is a big incentive!
This is also a great way for you to know who has your music and who has not, and prevent illegal sharing.

Q7:How do we follow up?

A:we don’t!The artist/label and the “media” are given the chance to communicate directly.
In fact, your contact info is clearly displayed on the promotion email that we send out (as well as your website and additional social networking pages).
Therefore any booking, licensing or collaboration is just an email away, for those interested!

Unsure of promotion of a single ep or album?

We recommend uploading the release in its entirety, particularly if you are promoting the release to press. For review purposes journalists need to have a clear picture of what they are writing about.

Q8:Whats best for me?

Our Bundle offer,  is by far our best seller and the best value for money package.
It guarantees a complete exposure, across Tastemakers DJs, A&R’s, International Press and Radio, and Event Organisers.
This helps you through getting precious support, coverage, airplay, collaboration opportunities and even bookings.

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